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Idaho Falls has a humid continental climate, which brings cold winters and the risk of frozen pipes. It’s important to have your insulation checked and to run your water slightly on particularly cold days to reduce the risk of a burst pipe.

Idaho Falls’s water is also hard, which can contribute to clogs and limescale buildup on fixtures. It can also contain high levels of organic iron, which can stain tubs and sinks.

Plumbing Repairs

Idaho Falls has a humid continental climate, with cold winters that increase the risk of frozen and burst pipes. Regularly contacting plumbers to inspect and maintain plumbing reduces the chance of these inconvenient emergencies. A professional plumber will be able to spot any leaks and repair them without damaging your home’s structure or creating an even larger problem.

A clogged drain or pipe is also a common plumbing issue, particularly in Idaho Falls homes with old fixtures. The city’s water is slightly hard, which can create limescale and lead to clogs. It is also prone to high levels of organic iron, which can stain tubs and sinks and fade clothes that are washed in it.

Most properties in Idaho Falls are not metered, which means you pay a flat fee for your water regardless of usage. This makes it important to keep your water usage low, which is easier with better plumbing. Better plumbing can save you money, and it can also improve the resale value of your property.

Water Heater Installation

A water heater is a large investment, and it’s important to make sure you’re working with a company that can help you choose the right unit for your home. Our team can help you navigate the many options available and determine which type of tankless or conventional unit would be best for your house.

We can also install a water softener for your Idaho Falls home. The city’s water is slightly hard, which can contribute to clogs and scale buildup in your tubs, sinks, and fixtures. It also contains some organic iron, which can stain fixtures and laundry. These issues can be addressed with a water softener or by having your well tested for excessive iron levels.

Cold winters in Idaho Falls can pose a risk for frozen pipes, and they’re often costly to repair once they burst. It’s important to have your insulation checked regularly, and to run the water slightly on cold days.

Water Line Repairs

Over time, pipes will break down and rust. When that happens, it is essential to have them replaced before they cause costly leaks or other problems. This service involves inspecting the water piping, locating sources of leaks, and repairing or replacing the broken water line.

We also repair main drain lines that run from your home to the sewer or septic tank. If you notice that your toilets and sinks are clogging often, or that your wastewater has backed up into the house, this could be an indication of a major sewer or drain line problem.

Idaho Falls is known for its hard water, which can lead to clogs and the buildup of limescale on fixtures. The area can also experience high levels of organic iron, which can result in rusty or red water. This can stain tubs and sinks, as well as items washed in the water. In these cases, a water softener can be helpful.

Drain Cleaning

A professional plumber can identify the source of a clog and remove it without damaging your pipes. A slow draining sink or a clogged tub are obvious signs that you need to call a plumber. Other signs of a Plumbing Service Group Idaho Falls ID problem include wet or stained drywall, bubbling surfaces, and sounds of water flowing or dripping from inside walls or the ceiling. A good plumber can quickly remedy any leak and prevent future problems.

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